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Technical Analysis

Here at Leveltraders we specialize in technical analysis, come and check out our advanced charts showing key support/resistance levels and trendlines.

Learning Material

Want to improve your technical analysis? Have a look at the key charting patterns and candlesticks to look out for, plus we also show you our unique gap theory.

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Key Info

Day/swing trading is a technique employed by traders who look to make money by going long or short on any market or stock. Day traders will look to exit a position within the very same day whereas swing traders will plan to hold a position for a few days or weeks.

Key traits to become a good trader - 

  • Always utilise good risk management; a 1:3 risk:reward ratio whilst only risking 5% of your capital on any one position, trade within your means and do not over leverage.
  • Controlling ones emotions, do not let greed or fear get the better of you.
  • Being very patient and believing in your trades as profits do not come overnight.
  • Don’t chase trades if you feel you may have missed a good opportunity; there are plenty of opportunities on a daily basis.

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